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Project Management
Construction management, feasibility studies, etc.

In application of my experience I can offer you all the usual services of a Technical Architect:

Direction of Execution of the Work. It is a figure collected by law and mandatory in all building works. It is at the service of the promoter to ensure the correct execution of the works, check that everything is adapted to the project, materials, qualities, equipment, etc. Solve, together with the Architect, the doubts raised by the construction company, as well as review the progress of the work and that the construction company invoices what was actually done.

Project Management. Other services to the developer such as, technical advice and / or for the purchase of land, urban consultations, conducting feasibility studies, recommendation of the product to be executed, cost and time control, advice on hiring the most suitable construction company and subcontractors to the project, coordinate all the parties involved in the work, ultimately he can be the main representative of the promoter for everything that he wants to delegate to him.

Architecture, Decoration and Landscaping

Within my professional attributions I can carry out some projects, but it is not something in which I am specialized, that is why I have very close collaborators with whom we could start any project you want.

Architectural projects. Residential, health, hotel, tertiary, new plant, renovations, adjustments, reforms, etc.

Interior design and decoration projects. From apartments to large villas, hotels or shopping centers. Interior design, choice of materials, decoration, equipment and furniture, both with commercial products and on request, standard qualities or the maximum exclusivity.

Gardening and landscaping projects. Holland is the Mecca of landscaping and we have several collaborators graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in the field, now based in Spain, with which to give a quality bonus to your garden, hotel or urbanization.

Real Estate Personal Shopper
Specialist in land, villas and unique properties

Investors are increasingly opting for having a professional who looks for the product they need, without limiting themselves to the portfolio of properties of an agency and also looking for said person to have knowledge about building and urban planning. What are the main advantages that hiring me as your personal advisor can offer you?

- Have at your disposal a professional who looks after your interests, who searches and finds the demanded product, without presenting you with dozens of options without interest.

- Knowledge of the sector, the area and the urban reality of the soils.

- Knowledge of the costs of licenses, taxes, construction, reform, project, etc.

- Possibility of presenting not only land proposals, but also accompanying them with feasibility studies, for different investment volumes and target clients.

- Benefit from a network of agencies and real estate professionals in collaboration, with whom to cover a wide spectrum of properties.

- Have a network of trusted associate construction professionals such as architects, lawyers, decorators, builders, etc.

Construction and rehabilitation
New construction, reforms, adjustments, etc.

Currently we can only cover with due guarantees small or medium-sized works, renovations of apartments, premises, villas, etc. and new construction not exceeding 2,500m2t.

For more important works we would be happy to put you in contact with a construction company we trust or carry it out in collaboration with them.

We can also offer annual maintenance of their properties so that whenever they come on vacation, they have everything clean, revised and in perfect use.

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