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Guillermo Perez de Montes Raatgerink - Technical Architect - Project Management

My professional life stems from the decision to study Technical Architecture at the University of Seville, there I worked as a site manager before finishing my studies, after finishing them I was offered to be the site manager of the Rehabilitation of the Hotel Salymar in San Fernando (Cádiz), From which I have been adding very varied projects to my curriculum, with different responsibilities and in different places, as you can see in "Project Management". Seville, Cádiz, Malaga and Moscow are places that are linked to works and people that have enriched me professionally and personally. Now, back to my beloved Costa del Sol, I hope you place your trust in me or in any of my collaborators, the result will not disappoint you, I assure you, we will put all our dedication and experience to deserve this trust.

Next I would like to introduce you to the following professionals and companies:

 Javier Lerga Architect

Architect with extensive professional experience, partner of a renowned architecture studio located in Malaga and author of multiple projects, most of them carried out on the Costa del Sol, as well as other national and international ones.

He has carried out a multitude of projects for villas in Marbella and its surroundings, residential buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, residences for the elderly, health centers, etc.

His study collaborates with others at a national and international level for large-scale projects, mainly in the hospital or hotel sector.

In my opinion, his greatest asset is his ability to adapt to the real needs of the client and the attention they give him, leaving in the background that ego of an artist so relevant in other colleagues. It makes available to its client its knowledge of the market, current trends and the urban reality of the place, to offer the best product for aesthetics, functionality and budget, without neglecting the client's personal taste at any time.

Gonzalo Mendiola

Decorator and businessman based in Marbella.

He has carried out multiple decoration projects , especially luxury villas and apartments, for clients of a wide variety of nationalities in London, Paris, Nice, Porto Rotondo, Marbella, Moscow, etc.

A great connoisseur of the main manufacturers of furniture, decoration and "premium" materials, he frequently travels around the world visiting factories, showrooms, shops and antiques or decoration fairs, either to look for pieces for his business or for specific clients.

A great art fan, one of his latest projects has been the creation of the gallery "Espacio Arte Tarifa" where he can give impetus to new creators.

His "good taste", attention and empathy towards the client are his main assets, proof of this is that many of them are loyal to him for years and sometimes give him total freedom to carry out the complete project.

In order to carry out projects with special qualities and clients, it is essential to have trustworthy construction companies, recognized prestige and know-how. We have carried out several projects in the past with all those that I present below and we continue to collaborate, each one from his role we work to achieve a satisfied client and we can congratulate ourselves that in these years many clients have repeated or recommended us.

Absolute Construction Projects.

Developer-Builder with a dozen project of villas delivered on the Costa del Sol, mainly in Los Arqueros and Nueva Andalucía.

We are already finished a more than 1,300m2 Villa in the Marbella Golf Club Resort

CLS Construcciones Lopez de Sagredo.

Formerly associated with one of the best-known construction companies on the coast, it carries out mainly residential projects.

We are currently collaborating for the execution of a villa in Haza del Conde (Nueva Andalucía), detached house in San Pedro and in few reforms and extensions.


A well-known and long-standing construction company, specialized in villas and premium products, such as the Las Brisas Golf clubhouse.

We are currently collaborating on two projects, a villa in Balcones de Sierra Blanca and another in Valderrama (Sotogrande).

Other partners

As usual, among the professionals who deal with the real estate issue, we collaborate to find the product that best suits the needs and requirements of the client. That is why I have established several collaboration agreements with Realtors or Agents specialized in specific areas, both on the Costa del Sol and Costa Rica.

To provide the most complete service possible, I also have a relationship with a couple of law firms, so that the client can find trustworthy advice if they wish and / or have someone to write or thoroughly review the contracts they need.

If you are interested in any of the services and / or wish to collaborate in any way, do not hesitate to contact us.

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